Fall Decor That Saves Money, Storage Space, and Time

Over the years, I’ve learned a few lessons from season to season to decorate smarter, not harder. Why buy decor that you can only use for 2-3 months out of the year? (Am I starting to sound like my mom or am I just learning a thing or two with age? Maybe it’s both.)

The 10 fall living room decor ideas in this post are all meant to save you money, time, and storage space to create a cozy home you love without reinventing the wheel each time you decorate.

Most of the fall decorating ideas in this post can be used in other seasons of the year while still creating a warm, inviting feeling perfect for crisp, autumnal weather.

Disclaimer: There is absolutely nothing wrong with putting pumpkins all over your house and filling up every bare surface with pops of orange, yellow, and red if that’s what makes you happy. Decorating your home should always be a reflection of what brings you joy. But if you want to make your seasonal decorating easier and cheaper, this is a great approach...

fall living room decorating ideas using soft lighting, fall art, fall leaves, and neutral pillows

Curate a Capsule Wardrobe

What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

When you choose your fall decor wisely, you’re able to…

  • Spend less time decorating for a new season
  • Use less storage in the off-season
  • Save money so that each decor piece gives you the most bang for your buck
  • Have flexibility for creative freedom because all of your decor pieces work together in many different combinations

In fashion, stylists call it a “capsule wardrobe”, which is a collection of clothing composed of interchangeable items only, to maximize the number of outfits that can be created with minimal clothing pieces.

Except, in this case, it’s wise to take a capsule wardrobe approach to seasonal decor instead of just clothing.

This is how I used to decorate for fall:

fall living room decorating mistakes with pumpkins
fall living room decorating mistakes with pumpkins

Do you see what I mean? Pumpkins everywhere, fall garland on the mantel, orange pillows that I only used for 2 months, etc. all shoved into bins in our attic that I’d have to haul down and put away every September and November.

But these days, while sticking mostly to a capsule wardrobe in our home, 95% of our fall living room decor can be used year-round.

Less decor = more time, more flexibility, less money, fewer storage requirements


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